Ramya Ramanathan

Dance Instructor

Ramya Ramanathan is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer. She started dancing at the age of 9, performing both Bollywood and Bharatanatyam. In high school she was awarded “The Star Of Dance” title in Chennai, India for her exceptional technique and facial expression. Her abilities have been published in several newspapers in the state of Washington and she has performed Bharatanatyam  both domestically and internationally. Her technical training has enabled her to master various other forms of Indian dance such as Bollywood and Bhangra. In college she started Washington States University’s first Bhangra dance team and later first ever Bollywood dance team.  After college, she pursued a law degree in Seattle, where she danced on University of Washington’s competitive Bharatanatyam Dance team, Natya. Ramya, has also won many talent awards in the Miss America Scholarship Organization for her stellar Bollywood dance performances. She currently lives in Dublin, CA and when she’s not dancing she is a full-time lawyer, wife, and mom to her Goldendoodle, Zoey.